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Samsung to push flagship smartphone category past the $1000 price point
이나리 기자 | 승인 2017.08.25 13:35

[EPNC=이나리 기자] As Samsung adds new display, camera and computing capabilities to the new Note 8 smartphone design, IHS Markit expects the Note 8 Bill of Materials (BOM) cost will exceed those of all previous generations of Note models from Samsung. IHS Markit teardowns of previous models highlights progressive increases in material cost going into the Samsung devices with the Note 7 representing one of the largest increases in BOM cost. 

Extrapolating from the Note 8 specifications, IHS Markit estimates the BOM cost for the Note 8 to be well over $300. This would equate to a retail pricing of nearly $1000 given similar gross margin assumptions.

삼성 갤럭시 노트8

As the smartphone industry enters a super cycle with novel new display and gigabit LTE designs, IHS Markit anticipates the trend for price increases in premium smartphone models will continue as OEMs continue to look for design differentiation at the upper echelons of the product category. 

However, OEMs are taking a risk because they are yet to confirm whether there is enough price elasticity in the market for these premium smartphone designs. If there is not, consumers will either choose cheaper smartphone models or hold off on smartphone purchases.

By Wayne Lam, principal analyst, mobile devices & networks for IHS Markit 

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