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AMOLED Production Equipment Purchases to Reach Record High in 2017
The flat-panel display (FPD) industry is in the midst of a historic wave of...
이나리 기자  |  2017-02-08 10:31
Top Four Trends Driving the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2017
Fueled by lightning-fast demand for ubiquitous connectivity, the number of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices gl...
이나리 기자  |  2017-01-24 16:31
Smartphone touch panel, add-on touch modules in 2016
Mobile phone manufacturers have increased the adoption of embedded touch mo...
이나리 기자  |  2017-01-13 11:26
Surface mountable radar modules for touch-free switches and motion detection
Infineon Technologies AG and InnoSenT GmbH released a surface mountable rad...
이나리 기자  |  2017-01-05 14:42
Chinese Panel Makers Top Over One Million Units in Quarterly Shipments for AMOLED Smartphone Displays
Chinese panel manufacturers shipped more than one million AMOLED (active-ma...
이나리 기자  |  2016-12-22 14:37
TDDI, expected to increase 100 million units in 2017
New technology advances in TDDI (Touch and Display Driver Integration) repr...
이나리 기자  |  2016-12-16 09:33
Flexible Display Shipments to 3.8% Increase Sharply in 2017
As more smartphone manufacturers build designs using flexible display techn...
이나리 기자  |  2016-12-12 10:09
Digital Video Software Revenue to Exceed $9billion by 2021
The video software market is expected to exceed $9 billion in revenue by 20...
이나리 기자  |  2016-12-09 10:25
LCD TV Panel Makers Set Lower Shipment Target for 2017
Restructuring of older display fabs, migration to larger-sized LCD TV panel...
이나리 기자  |  2016-11-28 12:52
Flat Panel Display Revenues Forecast to Increase in 2017
After two consecutive years of decline, global flat panel display revenues ...
이나리 기자  |  2016-11-22 15:13
Display Panel Makers Increase Fab Utilization Rate to 90% in Q4, 2016
The overall utilization rate at fabrication plants (fabs) used for display ...
이나리 기자  |  2016-11-16 09:53
Amazon Will Be Surpassed in Smart Speaker Market by 2019
Despite having arguably created the smart speaker category with the Echo de...
이나리 기자  |  2016-11-11 14:03
Infineon chip solves Rubik's Cube in 637 milliseconds
The Rubik’s Cube was solved in just 637thousandths of a second: At the “ele...
이나리 기자  |  2016-11-11 09:45
Semtech Delivers Wireless Charging Solution with LinkCharge
Semtech Corporation announced the immediate availability of LinkCharge CT (countertop), an out-of-box-ready wireless cha...
이나리 기자  |  2016-10-28 11:16
Alibaba Cloud and Docker Partner to Drive Adoption of Containerized Applications in China
Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, and Docker today a...
최태우 기자  |  2016-10-14 13:06
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